Openfire: Just installed and need to enable audio support

I just installed Openfire on a windows 2003 server (don’t have linux available here), made the proper conections to LDAP (Active Directory) and the text chat is working great with Spark.

Now I need to enable at least the voice support (video is kinda optional) and I’m kind of lost among the forum, plugins, configurations, and so on. I want to keep it simple, so installing asterisk is out .

Is there a guide, tutorial, checklist or any step-by-step documentation on how to do it?

I tried to make jingle work (spark have this plugin installed), even installed Red5 and still can’t make pc-to-pc calls. I currently only want to use my LAN, so, I don’t need any integration to public network or the Internet.

Any help would be great.

Thanks a lot!


To further this discussion

We’re in a similar position. need to enable! We’ve successfully enable SparkWeb and Spark with Red5 using mostly default settings in both using > Red5 URL rtmp:/oflaDemo. We have both Video and Audio supported. However, we’ve yet to complete testing those processes to determine optimal settings. Frankly, we’ve haven’t had much success using rtmpt.