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Openfire kills idle connection

I have questions regarding the BOSH component of Openfire. I get often reports from user of our XMPP library that Openfire kills session on BOSH which were inactive for a while.

When does Openfire kill inactive sessions?

My software has always one open HTTP request to the BOSH server. So inactivity like described here should never happen:


Could there be a problem with the **wait **value? Or the combination of **wait **and inactivity?



check u settings in Server->Server Settings->Client Connections. Check Idle Connections Policy. In my web-aplisation i use Strophe.js library - i don’t change any standart settings, like whait time - and i haven’t any problems. But i had problem, when ppl reload page and login again - in this time ppl start second session before first session close. I solved this problem when in **Idle Connections Policy **choose “” - 3sec and “Do not send XMPP Ping requests to idle clients.”

I am having this same issue… but changing the settings as you descibe does not seem to help.

Here is my scenario:

  • User login and join group chat

  • chat is fine between group memebers… and things seem normal.

  • upon a refresh… i instantly login and recover the chat session (ie join group chat)

I now have a limited amount of time before I am removed from the group … I am still considered “online” looking at my user in the User Summary…

Did either of you get any farther with this one?