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Openfire Ldap authentication installed on Ubuntu Server

I have installed Openfire on Ubuntu Server. I am trying to setup Openfire so that it authenticates against Active Directory. During the initial installation of Openfire, I could not set up ldap so I have created a standard admin login.

Openfire is now installed and I can log into the admin control panel. When I go to Server/Server Settings, I cannot select the option to use LDAP. The option is greyed out.

I have attached a screen shot (no-ldap.JPG) to show what the screen looks like when I’m trying to setup LDAP.

Do you have any idea if there is something I have to activate or load in order to get this option working?

You can only setup openfire to use LDAP during the setup process. Once it is running you cannot change to LDAP, unless you rerun the setup config. This is done by editing the openfire.xml file so the setup tag reads false