Openfire - LDAP setup fail and Buddylist(Pidgin) in 3.9.3 and 3.10.2


I have two problems, sorry about the title it is difficult to formulate all this in a title , I hope that’s not a probelm

Problem 1 :
setup : OS=CentOS7 x86_64bit with openfire version 3.9.3 and LDAP connection over Port 639 + SignedCa cert

works: Weblogin over LDAP + secure Connection with Pidgin

does not work: after loggin with pidgin the buddylist is empty it’s only possible to chat with direct names or rooms ( user session’s are visible in the webgui )

** more Informatio**n: at the moment i have the same setup working great with centos.5 and Openfire 3.9.3 and the same ldap credentials + visible “buddylist”

So now to my question what could I overlook the have the buddy list is not displayed ? in Pidgin Client.

Problem 2:

setup: OS=CentOS7.x86_64 with openfire version 3.10.2

works: rpm installation and setup wizzard (but not the ldap connection)

does not work: install wizzard: create “ldap connection” with exactly the same credentials which work in perfect fully Version 3.9.3 of Openfire.

Can it be that has changed the format or other customizations prevent the connection? In the new version.

thx for your answer’s

kind regards


on the 3.10.2 issues, can you check to see if your CA has a root certificate in the jre keystore used by openfire? If not, you’ll need to import it into the keystore.

3.10.2 with LDAPS (LDAP over SSL)

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thank’s for the answer i will try that tomorrow, maybe the problem with the buddylist will get solved by the newer version