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Openfire +ldap sync

hey all I have setup openfire with spark and was able to get the SSO to work be when users change there password the SSO does not work and I don’t know Y can some help me, I think it’s the sync process with ldap and openfire correct me if i am wrong but can this process be faster

My guess is it was never truly using SSO. The password was cached from when they manually logged in once. If you have SSO properly configured they will never need to enter a password and when it changes it will be transparent.

Any advice on how to fix this

purge any spark settings for the spark user you wish to login via SSO. this means delete the spark folder from their windows user profile. in its place put a new spark folder containing a spark.properties file preconfigured for SSO. Attached is a sample. Also this is how I got it to work: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1616
spark.properties.zip (599 Bytes)