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Openfire LDAP Sync

Hello, is there any solution to start sync between openfire and LDAP/Active Directory?

Restart server, clear all caches doesn´t help. Don´t know, how to get new/changed users in User list.

Thank you very much!

Edit: If I create new user, it syncs asap, but I have the problem to change my users from “firstname lastname” to “firstname-lastname” and this here is the problem with renaming it.

If I show my groups, I see all users and the renamed user is not linked with a red * behind his name.

Whats this?

I found the problem:

In my AD I have organization units with " /" - this sign makes problems with ldap sync.

I changed the OU i.e. “trainees/interns” to “trainees-interns” and now it´s runing correctly.

Rename your OU, clear cache and click in “users and groups” -> “Users” in your admin console, then the ldap sync should restart.

In addition to this, I set max pagesize to 2000 in AD.

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