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Openfire + ldap - user search restriction doesn't work (updated topic)

Hey guys,

installed the latest openfire by rpm, using embedded database and I did the setup to configurate openfire. Now what I need to do:

I got an AD with the Following structure:

  • Users
    • Test1
      • User001
      • User010
    • Test2
      • User011
      • User020

Now I wan’t that openfire is creating groups Test1 and Test2 and user only see all other users of his OU …

So User001 - 010 should be able to see themselfs but noone of them should see any user of Test2 … same the other way around.

My problem is: I said only search users in their group on the server, and doesn’t matter if I enable or disable searching users for clients, they are always able to search for users not in their group.

My config is basedn = OU=Users,DC=DOMAIN,DC=de and all other configurations are default. Ofc I entered a LDAP user - otherway this couldn’t work