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Openfire leaking file descriptors

Hi Everyone,

We have been experiencing an issue with Openfire after recently performing a migration of our backend database from HSQLDB to PostgreSQL. It appears as if openfire is leaking file descriptors. Before performing the database migration we were not experiencing any issues. We are currently using the 3.3.2 release of Openfire and only have about 20 users accessing the application. The OS the server is being run on is CentOS5. Users are accessing the server with various clients, including but not limited to: Psi, Adium, and Pandion.

After performing an lsof we get quite a few of the following:

java 1683 jive 365u sock 0,5 736830207 can’t identify protocol

These grow in numbers very quickly. At times we have seen 900. After these begin to grow, users are no longer able to access the system, and the service becomes unavailable. The admin console however is still able to be accessed.

I performed the migration as follows:

Used the user import/export plugin to export the users.

I stopped the service.

I removed the previous openfire installation directory.

I created the database using the online documentation as a guide.

I reinstalled the application using the correct backend database settings.

I imported the users with the import/export tool.

As mentioned above, after reinstalling we then saw this issue with openfire.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.