Openfire license GPL or commercial

We are using openfire for our employees and love it. We are at the strategic stage of looking at openfire to offer it free to all our customers. None of openfire’s source code will be changed or distributed, only what we can change in the admin control panel.

As for client applications, our customers may use spark or other client applications available on the market. None of GPL licence products will be charged by us.

1/ Only to customers who follow our strict Prohibited Activities, such as and are not involve, in criminal or child pornography. Basically we want to screen before providing services.

2/ Restrict each customer with the # of users so that everyone has a fair share of hardware resources.

3/ add this free service on hosting services to help reduce unwanted prohibited activities and helps keep monitoring controllable.

4/ the only concern we have is the additional support our customer may want from us. This may be phone calls like why my client application is not working or my client application is not connecting to openfire server.

Basically we want to follow openfire license and provide such as a great free service to our customers.

Also are we allow to put Openfire name and logo on our web site and link it to

Hey hosdes,

I’m not a license expert but from your description I think that you will be fine. You are basically not packaging Openfire into another product and selling it (nor selling it alone) so I think that you are fine.

We would love to see the powered by Openfire and the igniterealtime community logo/links.


— Gato