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Openfire license renewal

Hi All,

We have been using Open fire 3.3.2 and had a license renewal done last year with the help of Jive software team.

As Openfire Enterprise is now an open-source product, we would like know the procedure to update our license which will be expiring in the month of April.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

I think you can just uninstall the Ent package and install all the open-sourced plugins you need.

Thanks wroot.

But could you please let me know is that the only way of renewing the license?

Openfire is now completely opensource. There is no longer license support. You cannot renew your license. You need to upgrade to the most current version. This version is totally free and provides all teh same function s as the old paid version.


you my want to contact jivesoftware.com and ask them whether it is possible to keep the support contract active or not as they write: “Existing customers of Openfire Enterprise with active support contracts will continue to be supported.

As long as you do not run a cluster or plan to setup one you may use the open source version. Anyhow I have no idea whether the migration from “Enterprise” to the open source plugins is painless.



I have replaced my Openfire current version 3.3.0 with the latest version 3.6.3

Kindly let me know if this solves my License problem or should I do something else on this ?

Also when I start the latest openfire version, I get the following message.

‘Ignoring plugin search: requires server version 3.5.0’.

But the tool works fine.What should I do about this ?

You need to remove any outdated plugins and their folders and install the latest versions. This includes removing the enterprise plugin, and its folder. You can just move them to a backup folder somewhere.


I have successfully installed Openfire 3.6.3. But I need a clarification.

The first time openfire is run, the properties from openfire.xml are migrated(As per JDBCAuthProvider.java) to ofProperty table in HSQL DB.

Please let me know if it’s possible to view this db.

As per openfire.properties file, I find the following statement.


It is extremely difficult to manage the embedded db. You should use a supported external database if you wish to manage the content of the database.

Please let me know if it’s possible to view this db.


it’s possible to view it. There’s a db viewer in the bin directory. You can even setup HSQLDB as a normal database with you can connect to via JDBC if you want to.

Not sure if “java.exe -cp ./lib/hsqldb.jar org.hsqldb.Server -database.0 embedded-db/openfire -dbname.0 openfire” does work - http://hsqldb.org/web/hsqlDocsFrame.html has good documentation.

‘hsqldb.default_table_type=memory’ - this means that the tables are stored in plain text, you don’t want to change this.


Thanks a lot !! I can view the HSQL db.