Openfire license

Please help me with the license:

I have on a server the Openfire server(application), and my clients are using an application to connect to my server and communicate between them through openfire from my server.I want to point out that client application is not free, clients pay.

My question is:

Can I modify some code of Openfire and it’s database, relying on the fact that I don’t distribute my program with Openfire, and my client program still be not free?

Appreciate for help.

I am not a lawyer, and if you need real legal advice, you should hire one. Opinion follows.

The client application license is completely separate from the server. Regardless of what you do to Openfire or the database, your client license stays the same.

For openfire, however, the license cannot change and must remain GPL (unless you have a special arrangement with Jive software). The GPL allows you to make any modifications you wish, and you only need to supply the modifications if you distribute the application. If you keep the application “in-house” you are free to keep the modifications and source in house as well.

Thank you very much for help, but as you said it’s a juridic problem. Thanks anyway.