Openfire Login / Message Problem

Having an issue with a new install of openfire. I had installed openfire on my VPS.NET server previously and it worked fine. Something at the company went wrong and my server went down. What ever they did to get it back up again killed my install of openfire. I asked them to fix it and what they ended up doing was re-installing openfire. Now problem is that on the admin panel users show as logged in BUT if you are using Jitsi or Jabra or what ever you don’t seem to be able to send or receive messages? for example Jitsi will let me login to the openfire server but when i try and send my work partner a message it wont go through. infact it still has a message saying waiting for confirmation. I’ve looked at settings and added users again etc etc but nothing works. The only message I have received since re-installing was a “chatroom” message from a client. Very frustrating considering I didn’t generate this problem! The only thing I can think of is a setting or perhaps the re-install was done improperly but I don’t see how you can log on but not be able to receive messages? Any help would be appreciated.