OpenFire - login with more than 1 client?


we’re testing OpenFire in our deparment with some employees.

With Spark - all works fine.

Now we’re configured some IM-Clients on Smartphones (iPhone, Android an Blackberry) and encountered the following problem:

If i’m online in two clients (like Spark on Windows an IM+ on iPhone) with my login, a new message from a friend popups - sometimes - on my phone, sometimes on my Spark-Client; but never on both.

Is there an option, that Messages will only delievered to a mobile device, if the user isn’t online with, for example, Spark? Or, that a new message will be delievered to all devices of an user?



By default, the message will only get sent to the client with the highest priority, as determined by the server. I don’t know if the clients you are using will allow you to set their priority or not.

The case of only the mobile being on should already work, as that is only a single client.

There is a property on the server that will change this policy to deliver to all connected clients. You will find a reference to it in this discussion, which will give you a better explanation of what you are seeing.

Okay, nice, that’s exactly what i’m searching for.

If the priority of the smartphones is lower than the spark-clients, the message will always appear in the Spark-Client. If a user is offline in Spark (while on their way to customers for example), the message will delievered to their mobile clients.

i checked my IM+ on iPhone, and there’s a “priority”-setting in the account-data for jabber-services.

Now my last question: On IM+, theres a default priority of 5. What’s the default priority of the actual spark-client? I could’nt find a section in the settings, that describe the priority of this client?


Okay, got it. I can view the actual priority-id’s in the admin-interface of OpenFire, Tab “Sessions”. May Problem now: If i set the priority in IM+ to something other than default, the session-id on the OpenFire-Server will not change; i tried positive, negative values, etc. - the priority of IM+ stays on “1”.

Is there an option to change the priority of the spark-client?

If you set your status to Away, On Phone or Dnd Spark will set your priority to 0, going online will set it to 1.

You can also set a custom status message and specify there the priority.