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Openfire login works on LAN but not from remote connection

We are using an Openfire instance on our development environment. Our Xiff client logins and works normally from inside the LAN, but we can’t manage to login from outside.

We set up a DynDns to our server, and if you telnet ourserver:7070, you can connect. I guess our router is directing incoming requests to port 7070 on the Openfire server correctly. What other considerations should I take into account with our router?

We have this same setup on a web hosting, and it works fine. Configurations are all the same, and the client is the same, so I’m guessing there’s probably something related to the LAN’s router that makes it impossible to login into Openfire from a remote connection.

Any ideas?

Or this could be a flash crossdomain security issue. Maybe xiff is not connecting to your server as it cant trust this domain. Not sure though. You can read about crossdomain.xml (how it works in Openfire) JM-537 or search the internet.

Don’t know if this helps, but we have a similar setup here. However, we’ve restricted our users to Spark as the primary client. We also are using the old 5223 port with forced SSL. Internal and external DNS names are matched for our openfire server so users can step in and out of our network to access the service.

Check your router/firewall and make sure that it’s forwarding the ports correctly. If you don’t have a standard, defined configuration for your clients across the board, maybe adopt one.