OpenFire > Logout User via PHP Script

I’m using OpenFire 3.10.0 on RHEL 7

I’m registering users programatically via “userService” plugin

Similarly, is there a plugin or script to login & logout users via PHP script?

I tried

Works fine, but it does not logout the users, it rather disables it.

Any points are appreciated.


There is no plugin to just kick/logout a user.

I will add your feature request to my todo list and implement that in REST API plugin.

Thanks Redeyes. Appreciate your proactive step.

Any ideas how to application like Pidgin, Spark etc do logout / login?

I’m in the midst of an Android App development & need this function urgently. I’m open to doing some extra tweaking if so required.

Thanks again!

In the latest version of REST API (version 1.1.1), it is possible to just kick a user (close all available sessions).

Thanks Redeyes.

Appreciate your prompt action.