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Openfire lost messages when connection is broken


I’ve recently updated my Openfire to version 3.10.0 and I found that in some cases Openfire lost some messages … it is when the receipt lost the connection abruptly.

In the method “deliver” of the class NIOConnection, if the network connection for a opened LocalClientSession is broken just before the write method was invoked, it lost the message and it will be not send to backupDeliverer. Next, an exception is generated (IOException) and trapped in method ConnectionHandler.exceptionCaught but it does not received the original message. This does not allow saving it as offline message.

One possible solution would be decrease the ping interval but I don’t want to do this because this would increase network usage on android devices. Another possible solution would be using the method await in WriteFuture and expect the message to be sent and in this way know the connection possible failures.

I would like to know if there is another way to solve this problem. Or could be a unsupported feature of MINA?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English


I found that this problem is already reported: lost messages when network is disconnected | Ignite Realtime

How do you solve this issue?