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Openfire Mac OSX

Hello and Good Day

I have a user who has a Mac using OSX 10.8.3 she uses the internal messaging program to access our openfire server.

She said a couple of weeks ago it just stopped working. (I have one other Mac user who has had no issues) this is what I have done so far

  1. Logged into her account via the Spark IM client on my PC no issues

  2. Logged into her account via the OSX messaging client (the other Mac we have) no issues

  3. Deleted and recreated her user account didn’t work

  4. Deleted account information on her Mac messaging client and re input the information didn’t work

  5. Installed Adium and tried to connect didn’t work

  6. Attempted to download and intall the Spark Im client for Mac and could not get it to install on her machine

but kept getting the message that “Spark is damaged and could not be opened” I tried downloading it from Safari and Chrome

I even downloaded it from a different device and emailed it to her Mac still the same error.

From what I am gathering so far since I was able to get her logged in on another Mac that it is device specific

I’m just not sure where to start looking. Any insight or assistance would be greatly appreciated.