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Openfire / Media Proxy + Server 2 server

Hi everybody,

I have a problem configuring the “Media Proxy” with an uncommon configuration.

Here is the configuration :

Two different sites :

  • Server1 from site 1 = Win Server 2003, Openfire 3.4.4, AD : domain1.com.

  • Server2 from site 2 = Win Server 2003, Openfire 3.4.4, AD : domain2.com.

Both servers see each other.

Clients from both site (win XP pro) are not allowed to see anybody outsite their site (client from site1 won’t ping server2)

Server to server’s connection is up in Openfire and client from site 1 can chat with client from site 2.

Media proxy is enable on both site for VoIP.

BUT : clients from site 1 can’t make VoIP com with clients from site 2.

As it is possible to make S2S connection, I was wondering if VoIP’s

communications could be redirect from a server to one another through Media

proxy. So here is my question :

Is it possible to make two media proxy from two different LAN talking to each other (as server to server) ?

Stun would be unefficient because, as I said : client are not (and won’t be)

allowed to connect directly from site 1 to site 2 (also true from site 2 from

site 1).

I also thought about a common red5 server, but again : it is impossible (in my

case) to have a reachable machine from both site…

The only gate through those two network is the link between server1 and


Looks like an unsolvable problem to me…

Do you guys have an idea ? It would be more than welcome !

Thanks a lot for your patience and help



i have got a problem wich resembles to yours.

the diffence is that i have only one media proxy.

but noone has an answer?