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Openfire Media Proxy with iChat and restricted VLAN segments

Hi everyone,

since last week i’m searching for a solution for my problem. But now I have to ask you ^^.

Our network is seperated into VLANs. Those because our production,development and management has to be devided into groups with limited or none access to each other. This is given and cannot be changed. But now management wants to use the Openfire Server for “iChatting”.

My problem is that mangement needs connection to production segment and development segment to management and so on. But all these access is restricted for security reasons and selfsecurity of our productive system sry to say but never grand develepers access on productiv systems hugs

Ok therefore I thought to use the Media Proxy. I applied all settings correct. But… now comes the worst part, iChat.

I don’t get iChat to handle video requests via this MediaProxy. Then all connections are aborted with an "Error -8 but solutions are always talking about opening ports what i don’t want.

I hope anybody of you can help me to get a solution for this problem



in addition: Media Proxy is set on defaults with range of ports 10000 - 20000 (echo test 10020). Even running etheral on server or client doesnt show any connection try to the server.

ok it doesnt appears that anybody has an answer for my problem. Alternativly I could use a differnt client that has videochat functions. But Adium ist ready yet an other products arent ready or mac too. Anybody maybe knows a plugin to handle this??

I think I have got the same problem.


but nobody can help. maybe it isn’t possible? but what is the sense of the proxy?