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Openfire meeting remove Focus

@Dele_Olajide @wroot
Hello Experts,

Openfire - 4.3.2

We have built custom mobile application in android and ios with basic chat features. Now we want to add audio/video call.
Firstly we are trying with openfire meeting plugin, but in that it requires focus user to be created, since we cannot create user id as focus in AD due to company policy, is there any way to remove focus validation or change the user id focus to somthing else.

Besides openfire meeting, is there any other better options to implement audio/video call feature.


There are other ways to add additional users to openfire when the user provider is READ-ONLY like LDAP. I have not used this feature, but I have read somewhere that it exists

you can use the hybrid provider or the auth user mapper to create a local user account to the database (focus)

Thank you @speedy.
I added below properties and worked fine, it would be helpful for others :slight_smile:
Now able to login with local db and ldap. So added user focus locally and openfire meeting works fine in browser.

hybridAuthProvider.primaryProvider.className - org.jivesoftware.openfire.auth.DefaultAuthProvider

hybridAuthProvider.secondaryProvider.className -

hybridUserProvider.primaryProvider.className -

hybridUserProvider.secondaryProvider.className -

provider.auth.className - org.jivesoftware.openfire.auth.HybridAuthProvider

provider.user.className -