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Openfire Meetings Chrome Extension

I have Openfire 4.1.5 and Openfire Meetings Plugin 0.9.1. I installed the Openfire Meetings Chrome Extension. However, when I launch the Extension I get the following message


Problem accessing /ofmeet/candy.html. Reason:

Not Found

Powered by Jetty://

Can someone help me resolve this issue?

The other plugins that are installed are - Content Filter, Fastpath service, Monitoring service, Openfire Focus Provider, Packet Filter, and Serch. Do I need to install more plugins to make it work?

Here is a little progress. I updated the Meetings Plugin to 0.9.2 and I can launch the Extension without the error. However, I do not see a way to share my desktop. What do I need to do to allow users to share the desktop screen?

I might be wrong, but i think Chrome Extension is outdated and probably not needed at all. @Dele Olajide ?

Thank you very much for the response. I would plan not to use the Chrome Extension. I found this URL https://your-server:7443/ofmeet which launches the Meeting client. However, I do not see the screen sharing option in this client. Can someone help me locate the screen sharing option in this client or any other client?

its outdated, you have to put version 4.1.1 for that