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Openfire Meetings for Pàdé ver 0.9.9 - Connection Problem with IOS

If there is a better place for this post, please be kind when you re-direct me. I’ll tried very hard to find a similar topic.

We’ve been using Openfire 4.5.1 with Openfire Meetings 0.9.5 and are very happy with the results. We have been experimenting with the Pade - Chrome addon, and with the recent announcement for Openfire Meetings for Pàdé ver 0.9.9 we decided to upgrade. We’ve found the upgrade to be wonderful … except …

We’re unable to connect to the upgraded Openfire Meetings with Apple (IOS) products(IPad and iPhone). These Apple products have Jitsi Meet installed along with Chrome, and they connect very nicely to the Openfire Meetings 0.9.5 installations. But with Openfire Meetings for Pàdé ver 0.9.9 we get the sad grey-brown avatar and no camera/microphone shared.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Or a successful experience? Or a ‘constructive’ suggestion?