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Openfire Meetings Frustration

I really like Openfire, and love the efforts made with the Meetings plugin - however I’ve been trying to make it work for over a year and so far I’ve had one successful meeting but with no audio. I know there are a couple ‘guides’ to setup the plugin and make meetings work but they haven’t helped. If anyone has a working setup please post what was required to make it work.

I have installed the require plugins and configured them as per already posted instructions. What I don’t see is the meetings listed in the meeting summary, or in active sessions. I have created a single conference service (MUC), with a persistent room and have assigned users to that room but when we log into that same URL neither of us are in the room together. WTF?

some more information about your setup might help. What OF version and what OF Meetings version? Linux or Windows? LDAP or database for users. Are you using the optional plugins (bookmarks, fastpath) ? Have you installed the OF Chrome extension?

Hi Dele,

First - Thank you for all your work. It’s really an amazing application and platform which is why I want to stick with it.

I’m currently running a production server on CentOS6.4 for Openfire 3.10.2 and OfMeetings .2.3 but also have a test environment running Ubuntu 14.04, Openfire 4.0.2 and OfMeeting 0.3.9. Both are using a mysql database for users. I’m using the optional plugins except for fastpath. Our production server is NATed to a public IP but we have no issues with NAT for registrations, login, or the Asterisk-IM/Phone plugin. The test environment is exposed directly to the web.

I know some people have used a specific software vpn to make their meetings work with Public hostnames and that others have had no issues. I’d be more than happy to work towards producing an install guide that covers 90% of installs if I can it working. I know my experience is not unique.

Thank you for the kind words.

OF Meetings 0.3.9 is not the best release. Pickup the latest 0.3.17 from here


OF Meetings 0.2.3 for 3.10.2 is really too old. You are bound to have browser issues that have been fixed. See changelog of fixes since

Contributions are most welcome. It was the contribution of Guus that improved the readme file. An install guide would be wonderful present for all users. https://github.com/igniterealtime/community-plugins/tree/master/ofmeet

With NAted public web facing server that has two IP addresses may require a bit more configuration than normal. If it still does not work with 0.3.17, try changing the IP addresses in the settings web page to use both the public and private Ip addresses

Thanks Dele. Keeping track of which version combinations is part of what I’d like to see (and help) produce so that the initial setup is much clearer. I’ll reach out to Guus and see about refining the document.

In the mean time I’ll start testing with your recommendatins.

Hello I have a hard time configuring the plugin meeting I do not know where to start thanks for your help