Openfire meetings - not able to share video

I’ve managed to get Openfire meetings up and running, and everything works except for sharing video. If two users join the same conference, they can chat and do collaborative editing, but they’re unable to share video or audio; the other user’s stuff just doesn’t come though. Has anyone else run into this before?

need more info. what versions of openfire, openfire meetings and Java VM? Did you see any errors in stderr or chrome console?




Didn’t check chrome console, will do that

thank for the info. I suggest you update ofmeet to latest 0.3.20 rget/openfire/plugins/ofmeet.jar

No go…same problems as before.

I don’t see what I would call any errors in the console.

This appears to be Chrome

strophe.connection.mgr.js?v=1:150 strophe plugin: connectionmanager enabled

strophe.workgroup.js?v=1:20 strophe plugin: workgroup enabled

roster.js?v=1:100 strophe plugin: roster enabled

strophe.workgroup.js?v=1:25 Strophe connection workgroup status: 1 null

strophe.workgroup.js?v=1:25 Strophe connection workgroup status: 3 null

ofmeet-screenshare.js?v=1:207 Using Chrome extension for desktop sharing

ofmeet-screenshare.js?v=1:175 Chrome versionmozilla/5.0 (windows nt 10.0; wow64) applewebkit/537.36 (khtml, like gecko) chrome/49.0.2623.112 safari/537.36 49

app.js?v=22:1543 init

app.js?v=22:233 using media Array[2]

strophe.workgroup.js?v=1:25 Strophe connection workgroup status: 5 null

app.js?v=22:163 Strophe status changed to CONNECTED

app.js?v=22:259 maybeDoJoin

ofmuc.js?v=1:249 get bookmarks …

app.js?v=22:179 found friend Brian Knoblauch

Finds a bunch of friends

Then that’s about it

Could you confirm that your openfire meetings summary web page is showing a videobridge created with correct number of participants and associated MCU room address.

Are you on a LAN or the Internet and do you have a firewall of NAT between your users and your openfire server?

@Dele Olajide

Good morning Mr. Dele.
When I go to the Summary tab I see no room created. Now when I open myself chrome see me, but do not know how to add another user. Please be kind enough to tell me. I’m on a LAN. I can´t seeanother participant !!!


Read this

Openfire Meetings · igniterealtime/community-plugins Wiki · GitHub

The last I checked, it didn’t, although I haven’t checked since the upgrade.

No, no firewall in between…all subjects are on the same VLAN


I’m having the same issue

openfire 4.0.3

ofmeet 0.3.9 ( tried 0.3.16 0.3.22 0.3.22 but they don’t work at all )

Java Version:
1.8.0_102 Oracle Corporation – Java HotSpot™ Server VM
Host Name:
OS / Hardware:
Linux / i386