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Openfire Meetings (Ofmeet) Video intermittent

I have setup with external domain name.
Issue scenario:

  1. User 1 connects to of meet via browser, logins in, creates room, enters room, User 1 can view himself, send via email invite,
  2. User 2 clicks link, enters room, views himself, hears User 1, but can’t see User 1.
  3. User 1 can hear and see User 2
    Please help me…

Version: Openfire 4.1.3
Plugins Version:
Broadcast 1.9.0
Fastpath Service 4.4.3
Fastpath Webchat 4.0.2
Monitors Service 1.5.9
Openfire Meetings 0.3.29
Search 1.7.1
User Creation 1.3.0

What if you try with:

Openfire 4.2.2
Openfire Meetings 0.9.3
Openfire Focus Provider 0.9.3


Monitoring Service 1.6.0 has been released recently.

P.S. if you can’t update via Admin Console, delete the plugin and install it again from the list.

will in lose usage of fastpath?

Not sure. Maybe it won’t work with newest Openfire. But then you have no choice as to keep using old Openfire Meetings and deal with its bugs…

Okay Ill try it… Have you configured a viable Openfire Meetings installation? If so, what’s the best Bandwidth and bitrate for video streaming or just leave it defualt?

No, i haven’t used Ofmeet myself, so can’t speak on bandwidth. Do backup of your server and revert to it, if something is wrong.