Openfire Meetings Planner

Openfire Meetings version 0.1.5 has a new meeting planner feature that enables you to schedule meetings in advance using a calendar.When you add a meeting to the calendar, a request to join the meeting is automatically generated and sent to each participant using Openfire’s email service 15 mins before the meeting starts. Included in the email is a link to join the meeting from a Chrome web browser.


In order to use this feature, you will need:

  • Registered Openfire users with valid email address,
  • A persistent MUC room to host each planned meeting
  • The Openfire ClientControl plugin installed to create a room bookmark that links the room to users or user groups. Bookmarks with all users selected are ignored.
  • The Openfire Email Service configured to deliver emails

    The calendar is implemented using the excellent open source fullcalendar jquery plugin by Adam Shaw.


everything you done is good and inspiring

This would be awesome if there were an API so anyone could schedule this without access to openfire admin.

With an API this feature could be a plugin to spark and the “clients” could be scheduling a meeting by a calendar in their IM, and received in their outlook when the time has come.

Thanks !

Thank you for the kind words

That is a very good idea. It should be fairly straightforward to modify the focus user to accept chat messages and use them as instructions to schedule a meeting. Focus user would become a bot, checking permissions and performing actions.

Just imagine typing

ofmeet in **15 **mins using planning room with bob, tina and james

and getting a response,

Done.Meeting scheduled at 03-06-2015 - 15.00 pm with, and Meeting url is

Very cool ideed

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Hi Dele_Olajide,

First of all thanks for nice community and off course the project. My question is with current version of smack is it possible to plan the meetings like this as mention in your comments above ?

Thanks you