Openfire meetings remote control

Hi All,

we have been using the server for a couple of years now and we are absolutely thrilled with all the fantastic features. This is really great work.

Recently I read a thread from Dele explaining how we can get remote control by installing a local node. I followed the guide but I am getting mixed results. In fact this worked for a couple of sessions on my test laptop but then nothing.

Is there anyone who has managed to get this to work reliably?

Also it would be great if I could deploy this solution to the whole domain (less than 10 users all win 7 mixed 32 and 64bit).

From what I understand I need to add an entry in the registry and allow the node through the client’s firewall. Is that actually the case.??? Or am I missing something?

If anyone can provide a more detailed guide of the steps required to get this to work I would greatly appreciate it.

I actually wrote a custom remote control program that uses OpenFire and I plan on releasing very soon to the public but it is not going to be free. It is similar to TeamViewer but allows the use of Remote Desktop and TightVNC which come with it. If you want to test it out for a while I’ll gladly give you some free license keys.