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Openfire Memory Issues

Hi guys, I’m having memory issues where I can’t allocate more than 1024m in Openfire. I am running server 2008 64bit and I have Java (JRE) 64bit installed and I installed Openfire 3.8.2. When I edit the openfired.vmoptions (program files(x86)\Openfire\bin) file I cannot go past 1024m (technically the limit is 1580m for me, but that is the absolust most that I can give it before it crashes) . What am I doing wrong? I have read so many posts on here and all of them say that you need 64 bit OS and JRE and you should be able to give it as much memory as you want but mine keeps crashing when I try and give it more then 1024m, any suggestions? I have been working on this for the last few days so any tips would be helpful.

Thank you,