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Openfire memory problem, chat service down


I’m running openfire over windows 2003 with the following config:

Openfire as service (openfire 3.7.1)

Openfire-service.vmoptions: -Xms256m -Xmx512m

Less than 50 users.

Java SE version 6 update 33

Every one week, the openfire java memory shows 500MB of 500MB and and chat server is freezing and chat not available, so I need to restart the service and it takes up to 2 mins to restart.

is there any problem in my config? how can I avoid such memory leak and keep the service always on?


Are you users db in LDAP?

How many groups do you have?

Hi Olaf,

No I’m not LDAP user and I have only 2 groups, I read something about disable PEP as known bug in openfire. I tried it and I will wait for one week to see the memory.