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Openfire - Monal Im - Jitsi Voip - audio calls

Hi all

I am trying to setup monal im Jingle VOIP with openfire for audio calls with jitsi and ofmeet (iphone running monal im, linux server running openfire and windows running jitsi).

I have openfire 3.9.3 with the Jitsi Video Bridge and Jingle Nodes plugins.

Everything is working except users are unable to start voice calls with monal im (iphone) .

I am not sure if it is this issue as i get this error Jingle Nodes Requires a Public IP for Internet Calling. Public IP Found: none https://community.igniterealtime.org/message/231497#231497

Or i need a SIP server or provider

Or something else

I simply want to be able to make audio/video calls to the iphone through openfire using jitsi and ofmeet clients without using external servers or providers.

Thank you for your help

Has anyone been able to setup monal im with openfire and are able to have audio calls? I still need help here