Openfire Monitoring Archives gone

We use openfire 3.9.3 and spark, AD integrated at one of our client sites. Today I tried logging into the console, and couldn’t get in.

After some time, I ended up moving the openfire database to a different location, and installing fresh to a new version. 3.10.2.

I have it integrated, and spark is working.

However, I forgot that we have the monitoring plug in installed, and the manager has stored previous convo’s for future reference.

I have tried to pull the database from the location I saved it, and from a backup, but I can’t see those archived messages. The only thing I

can see is anything since upgrading this morning. I tried putting the entire openfire directory back in its original place, but I am unable to get back in using my credentials.

Does anyone know of any way to get this conversations imported? Does it have to do with improper version? If I can just get them opened anywhere (even if I have to open the DB on another openfire server running the older version) I can print them out and give them to her.

I’m even open to restoring back to original settings if someone knows how to get me into the AD integrated openfire. I tried changing the password in AD, but couldn’t get in.