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Openfire monitoring

Hi everyone,

I’m new in openfire … so I need to known which indicators should I follow to know if my openfire server is working properly or is there any problem :slight_smile:


If you users can login and chat, then probably it is ok :slight_smile:

There is no monitoring tool for that (one 3d party tool existed in the past, but it was producing complex graphs about internal parts of JVM function which only can say something meaningful to Java gurus). You can check the logs, but they usually have tons of “noise”, just like any system, and most of entries in the logs do not indicate serious problems. You can try watching the Java Memory consumption, but JVM is build to use as much memory as possible, so this is also not a perfect indication.

So in general, if your users complain about slow login, slow messaging, look for errors (like out of memory), check load on CPU/memory, check database load.