OpenFire, MS Sql Server "Database update failed. Please manually upgrade your database." error

Running MS SQL server 2005

OpenFire 3.5.0 RC

When I reset the Asterisk-IM plugin, the following appear in the error logs:

2008.07.23 09:55:42 [org.jivesoftware.openfire.container.PluginManager.loadPlugin(PluginManager.jav a:418)

] asterisk-im - Database update failed. Please manually upgrade your database.

Looking at the asterisk-im_sqlserver.sql file for the plugin, I see that there is an INSERT statement at the bottom that should populate jiveVersion table with asterisk-im = 2.

When I look at the database table directly, this entry is not present. I’m not sure if this is the issue or not. Is there any way to get the error message to actually tell what the schema problem is?

What’s odd here is that things appear to work properly for the most part. But we occasionaly lose the connection between the plugin and our asterisk server - when that happens, restarting the plugin doesn’t fix things - but if I completely stop and restart the entire wildfire server, then everything appears to work just fine.

I’ve checked over the schema manually, and with the exception of the value in jiveVersion, the schema in SQL Server matches what would be created using the Create commands in asterisk-im_sqlserver.sql.

Any suggestions on what may be going on? Thanks.