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Openfire not closing connection on incomplete Xml


I ran into a situation where a bot I wrote sent this bad stanza to the server:

<message type='groupchat' id='purple56ee322d' to='dmxchat@conference.localhost'>
     <body>test <test></body>

Note the incomplete test xml inside the body tag…

Anyway, openfire did not log this bad stanza, report any error back to the client, nor close the connection. My suspicion is that openfire was waiting for the finalized to come before internally routing the stanza…

My question is why didn’t the xml parser complain once it saw the after the , which would make the xml document invalid. Perhaps this is some sort of bug with the parser?

Anybody have some thoughts? Yes, I know, need to change the < > into the html escaped entities.

The result was for the bot to continue to get messages from the server, but not having any of its messages routed.