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Openfire not sharing the client status while login in two different servers


In my setup I have configured two openfire servers with mysql and profile store in LDAP. When users are login in to the different servers, they are not getting online status of each other.

Please let me know how to my client requests to check the status so that it can be.

You have to turn on Server to Server connection on both servers and make sure they see each other. You will find this in Server Settings in Admin Console.

Its working for me, In my case I am having single domain example.com where as server host name are im1.example.com and im2.example.com.

Can we configure it with mysql replication. ???

Is clients session are store in mysql DB.???

Please suggest…

Then probably you are not looking for Server-to-Server, but for Clustering. I have not much experience with Clustering, so somebody else has to help here.

But have a look at Openfire’s Hazelcast Plugin.

In my short time using openfire with hazelcast clustering plugin, i’ve learned that is not possible to share sessions between nodes.

sessions are not stored in db.

If you want that user1 on server1 see user2 on server2, hazelcast plugin is your solution, but if you want share sessions between servers… good luck!

I have sucessfully setup the hazelcast plugin. But still not able to share the client session between servers. User1 on server1 and User2 on server2 are not able to see each other…

what do you see in “server / clustering” ?

You should see something like this:


if you dont see two nodes, you have to edit your hazelcast configuration.

I am able to see both the nodes.


has User 1 in his roster user 2?

has User 2 in his roster user 1?

Thx guyes,

Its done…

I was using older plugin Hazelcast 1.0.0, now I am using Hazelcast 1.2.0 with openfire 3.9.1

Its very simple way to create cluster…