Openfire on a xen virtual machine (centos) crashes


openfire use 3 years ago and has always worked well, now I have virtualized servers and install centos x86_64, mysql, java 1.6 from lso centos repositories. openfire install tar.gz to be an operating system 64, configure openfire, spark customers and after a while. no longer sends or receives messages, it still authenticate, but the openfire process is running, but the java process is occupying 98% of the processors.

virtual machine I’ve put 2 processors, then 3 processors and up to 4 procesadorse and the symptom is the same. the machine I have assigned 4 GB of RAM, but uses 2 GB, it does not swap

uninstall and install openfire i386.rpm tar.gz, but the symptom is the same.

I can lend a hand with this mess, do not know where to find more


Diego Ramirez