Openfire on AIX - Tips

I have successfully installed Openfire on AIX 6.1 using IBM’s Java 1.6 SR7 with an Oracle 11.2 database using Oracle’s JDBC driver for Java 1.6. Passing on these tips to help those whom want to install Openfire on AIX.

AIX Ports - Issue opening admin console

If you are having an issue launching the admin console you will want to change the port from 9090 as by default WebSM is using that port on AIX 6.1 and WebSM does cause a conflict. See for used by The error will be related to “WServer.HANDSHAKING”.

To change the port you will need to manually edit the file …/openfire/conf/openfire.xml and restart openfire.




**To: **(Any ports not used will work I just bumped them up by 2 since those ports were not in use)



AIX Environment

I did set the environment variable INSTALL4J_JAVA_HOME in my .profile to point to the IBM Java 1.6 JRE. I also added the Openfire bin directory to the end of my $PATH to make it easier to start Openfire since I don’t have to remember the full path.

export INSTALL4J_JAVA_HOME=’/usr/java6_64/jre’

export PATH=$PATH:/local/d03/u00/app/openfire/bin

Oracle Database

The “Database Installation Guide .html .html .html” has a typo pertaining to the Oracle JDBC driver to use with Java 1.6. The doc states " Use “ojdbc5.jar” if you are using Java 1.5 or “ojdbc5.jar” if you are using Java 1.6.". The correct oracle JDBC driver to use for Java 1.6 is **ojdbc6.jar **not ojdbc5.jar.

These three changes are the only ones I had to make that were not detailed in the documentation.

Thanks for contributing. You can also convert this into Document so it would be easier for all to add/fix something and we usually make tutorials as documents here

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