Openfire on production webserver?

I am starting a web community and will need a instant messenger and chat. I am looking for an option that has both web based clients and downloaded clients. Openfire seems to fill those needs but I have noticed that it seems to be designed primarily for intranets and business use. I will be running it on a windows 2008 server with MS SQL database and was wondering if there would be any problems with this type implementation. Is it possible or would it be to taxing for the software and are there any lisence issues. I would also like to tie it into to my communities user accounts if possible, these will be done with active directory. I’m new here and just begining my research into this so I appologize if I am asking a stupid question.

Thank you


Just wanted to know if it can be done, has anyone had experience in doing a project like this. Is there any documentation I could look at that discusses it?

Hi Greg,

What you desire certainly seems possible with IgniteRealtime tools, including Openfire. Your first step would be to download the software and start playing with it on your development box to see if it will potentially meet your needs in ‘production’


This can be done. The server can be configured in such a way to allow people to create their own accounts. There is a a web client (SparkWeb) and of course the downloadable client Spark. As long as the server has a real world Fully Qualified Domain Name, DNS entries and the ports are open then you should have no issues.

Sounds great to me, I was wondering what additional ports need to be opened to use the software? Is there a document out there I am missing that list these types of technical requirements? I wasn’t able to find one but I feel like I’m probably just missing them and asking stupid questions when I should just be reading some document I missed.