Openfire on Windows Server 2008 loses its mind

Actually, it loses its configuration settings. I’ve successfully configured both 3.6.x and 3.7.0 to authenticate and source identities from AD. When I stop the service and restart, the config settings have vanished. Some sort of config file was written though because I have to remove the tags from a config file to re-invoke setup. I’ve been running the server and configuration as administrator, with escalated privs. Thoughts?

Exaclty where does this configuration disappear? Most of the configuration will be stored persistently in the database (ofProperties table), not the configuration file that you refer to (which could be regarded as more of a bootstrapping artifact than a true configuration file).

Hi Guus,

Truthfully I don’t know where the config information went. My experience was something like this:

Configuration: Openfire (windows server 2008 R2), Database (postgres - running on a linux box), authentication/identities (ldap/AD)

  • Start Openfire

  • Connect to openfire server, go through the setup module. (Seems i had to restart the server a few times for this to work)

  • On the last screen of the setup module - while adding identities for administrative users, I often would enter IDs, only to have OpenFire not list any ids as administrators. So several more restarts/reconfigs - finally it worked.

  • Connect to openfire with spark client

  • Successfully have conversations with another user

  • Shutdown the openfire server, then restart it

  • Observe OpenFire cannot authenticate any identities - seems to have lost all ldap config info - is it even connecting to the database?

I finally decided to try OpenFire on Linux (Ubuntu Server). The .deb installed with no issues. The configuration process succeeded the first time - no restarts required. After the initial setup, I could bounce the OpenFire server and it would come back and it could find all of its settings and authenticated users just fine. My only issue is getting the user search to work from the spark client.

I guess I’ll just roll with my Linux-hosted server. If the issues I experienced on Windows are of interest let me know and I can do some debugging/trials.

Well, yeah, I would be interested in finding out if there’s a bug in Openfire on Windows or not. Given the somewhat invasive installation (keep restarting until it works) it’s hard to determine where things went wrong.

I’ll be happy to perform any test/documentation that you like. Just let me know where to start…