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Openfire overwrites openfire.xml at restart

I added myself to the authorizedUsernames parameter in openfire.xml .

I then restarted Openfire, and I noticed that Openfire will overwrite openfire.xml during the restart.

Is this the correct behavior? Where do the settings in the new openfire.xml come from?

-= Stefan

The setting are stored in the DB with 3.6.4 I noticed this as well and only saw the DB reference in another discussion and after checking my install, yep, all in the DB except the DB connection options.


Did you edit this file while Openfire was running? Because you said you have restarted the server after editing. Editing should be done while Openfire is stopped.

As it was said in the previous post, there were some changes and admins are stored in a database. Though i will have to check this again on my testing server later, as i have never really tried this. If you try to change some other parts of the openfire.xml, these changes should be retained. E.g. a few days ago i have changed tag and this change was retained after Openfire startup. I will check Authorized tags behavior later.

So, i have tested this and indeed <authorized…> are erased, but only if you grant or remove admin rights to some user via Admin Console. Only then these settings are trimmed from the openfire.xml, but they are stored in the database.

Yes we edited openfire.xml and then restarted the services. We did not stop openfire, edit the file, and then startup the file in order to minimize downtime (Crisis mode).

We Administrators could not log into the Administration Console, even though around accounts should be in the ‘authorizedUsernames’ list.

Also, it does appear that authorizedUsernames is only segment that was overwritten in that file.

Thanks for your help!

-= Stefan