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Openfire Pàdé version 1.4.0 released

The Ignite Realtime community is pleased to announce the release of version 1.4.0 of the Pàdé plugin, which offers web-based unified communications - chat, group-chat, telephone, audio and video conferencing to Openfire.

This version fixes more outstanding issues and incorporates the latest Jitsi Meet UI.

See the changelog and the issue discussions and general discussions for more details.

Your instance of Openfire should automatically display it in the list of available plugins. Alternatively, you can download the new release of the plugin at the Pade Archive page.

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Congrats @Dele_Olajide and all contributors to Padé project.
You did a terrific job on the coding side, we made very impressive progress with this release. For those who want to try out latest release without efforts,
I have just installed and deployed Padé 1.40 + Openfire 4.6.3 at https://www.free-solutions.org
You can use it directly, no account needed.
You can also create your Padé account via https://www.free-solutions.org/pade if you want to try & use Padé 1.4.0

Enjoy & experiment 1.40 !!!, you are welcomed.

Service is up again, with all latest versions and open for using it. Do not hesitate to contribute to Padé & igniterealtime projects. We always need more projects, contributors and donations.


Hi Dele,

There is a bug with the Focus user not “joining” ALL meeting rooms. This is randomized. We are simultaneously running 10+ rooms and it seems that 1 or 2 rooms are completely omitted from the Focus user joining. This was not an issue with Pade 1.3.3 & Openfire 4.6.2

Current configuration is Pade 1.4.0 & Openfire 4.6.3.

Thank you,

Stay with version 1.3.3 or 1.3.4 for now until we can get latest jicofo code working

Also disable Openfire 4.6.3 Ghost user tracking. See Openfire Pàdé version 1.3.3 released