Openfire Paid Consultancy

Hi, I’d like to hire an experienced Openfire developer for paid consultancy on optimizing and load balancing a deployment, can you let me know what are my options , because the professional support channels seem too focused on their own line of products. Thanks.

Basically we currently have an openfire deployment with custom database integration using MS SQL on Azure (Users/server settings are on the Azure Database), we’re also using the kraken IM Plugin fo federation and want to switch to spectrum.

We’re having a couple of issues, sometimes openfire would just stop authenticating with the database and lose connection to the database (restarting it solves the issue but don’t know the cause), and we want the whole deployment load balanced.

Also, we need our deployment optimized as we’re planning to scale to a very large number of users.

We are willing to pay, please let me know if you’d like to work with us.

Did you found any person or organization for Openfire paid support? I have similar needs.