Openfire plugin IQHandler && smack issue

I have an IQHandler added in my plugin:

iqHandler = new IQHandler(“Olive3 SYNC request handler”) {

IQHandlerInfo info = new IQHandlerInfo(“query”,SYNC_NS);

public IQHandlerInfo getInfo() {

return info;


public IQ handleIQ(IQ iq) throws UnauthorizedException {

log("received sync server request: "+iq.toXML());

IQ reply = IQ.createResultIQ(iq);

Element childElement = iq.getChildElement();

String namespace = childElement.getNamespaceURI();

log("namespace was: "+namespace);

Element childElementCopy = iq.getChildElement().createCopy();


childElementCopy.addAttribute(“jid”, componentJID.toString());

log("sending “+iq.getTo()+”: "+reply.toXML());

return reply;



I have a smack client that connects up, sends an IQ with query element including the correct namespace:

The IQHandler handles this and in the log before returning ‘reply’ i get:

sending null:

The problem is the client only gets this:

The child XML is always null. Is there something i need to do additionally?

IQ handshake in the smack client is pretty simple:

IQ iq = new IQ() {

public String getChildElementXML() {

StringBuilder buf = new StringBuilder();

buf.append("<query xmlns=“test:iq:sync”/>");

return buf.toString();



System.out.println("Sending IQ: "+iq.toXML());

PacketFilter filter = new AndFilter(new PacketIDFilter(iq.getPacketID()),

new PacketTypeFilter(IQ.class));

PacketCollector collector = getConnection(0).createPacketCollector(filter);

// Send the iq packet with an invalid namespace


IQ result = (IQ)collector.nextResult(SmackConfiguration.getPacketReplyTimeout());

// Stop queuing results


if (result == null) {

fail(“No response from server”);



System.out.println("received result: "+result.toXML());

if (result.getType() != IQ.Type.RESULT) {

fail("The server replied with: "+result.toXML());


else if (result.getChildElementXML() == null) {

fail(“The server replied with null child xml”);


Any help is appreciated.

To answer my own question: addIQProvider(name,namespace,provider)