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Openfire Port 5222/5223 is in Listening But Pandion cannot Connect


I m running Openfire Server Free version on RHES3.0 Update8.

The basic Openfire administration works fine, the administration is OK, I can create new users etc etc.

The problem is that the Pandion clients cannot connect in the server, although the 5222/5223 java ports is in listening.

What can be happening? Is the problem Pandion?

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Do you have tried other clients than Pandion? E.g. Psi, Spark, …

I had to change the default server name in the Pandion/settings/servers.xml file to my server name in order to connect after upgrading from 3.3.1 to 3.3.2. Only happened on some clients, though - not sure what the pattern is.

Coolcat / Minvaren,

I believe that I have discovered the problem.

When I put the IP and hostname of the Openfire Server in hosts windows file, all works fine.

I tested the Pandion and Spark clients, successfully.


Best Regards