Openfire presence plugin returns null

im trying to get the presence status of some users on my openfire server via presence plugin l

when the user is offline i get this


but when the user is online i get nothing:

anybody knows why this is happening and what could i do to resolve this?

Do you use openfire 3.10?


Did you tried out if it works with 3.9.3?

the thing is when i installed it, it worked fine. i tested offline, online and non existing users and it all worked really good.

i didnt change anything in that plugin or on the server since, im just really clueless about this issue

i found out that clients logged in through spark actually show presence with the plugin.

but clients logged into my app show up as null when they are online (or not existing).

i tried to reinstall the plugin and the first time i requested presence info about a user it actually showed he is online but after that its only null…

i need help with that, or can you let me know of another plugin/perl package that can check one time the presence status of users (without persistent connection)?