Openfire presented at Fosdem 2016, by Dave Cridland (Project Lead)

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Openfire is almost universally recognised as the worst XMPP server, and well known as having been dropped by its original authors, and left to rot, unmaintained and buggy. So why has it just made a 4.0 release, and who cares, anyway?

Many years ago, when the majority of this audience were still in school, there used to be an amazing server called Jive Messenger. After two renames, it was called Openfire, and everyone loved its powerful admin interface, full modern featureset, and astounding integration capability.

Then Jive decided they didn’t want to be in the XMPP business anymore, and threw it over the wall, leaving it to languish in the bitrot bin. Everyone - and I mean everyone - knew that using Openfire was a bad idea.

Personally, I don’t like this opening introduction for Openfire. It is very negative, it does not tell the true story of the generosity of Jive Software and does not acknowledge the efforts and personal sacrifices of individuals at ignite realtime like Daryl, Guus and the ever patient Wroot who have helped to shape Openfire into the awesome product it is today.

I am assuming the main content to be presented by David is more positive

perhaps it was meant to be more tongue in cheek. I’m sure the content presented was positive, and not reflective of that first sentence!

I agree with Dele. Too many “rot” words Though I sometimes bash JS a bit. But they still support infrastructure of this site. Also, not matter how buggy it was at times i never would say it was a bad idea to use it. In some cases it is a good solution. Like for me for more than 10 years

I heard the talk was very good.

Unfortunately, the video was lost: