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Openfire Primer

My company is currently evaluating implementing Openfire with our installation of Clearspace Community 2.5.4. Is there a good primer and introduction to Openfire? I’m looking for a good rundown on what it is and recommended setups. Is Spark an essential integration for it or would it be fine without it? Is SparkWeb too early to worry on integrating with as well?

Any help greatly appreciated as I’m trying to get up to speed on this as quickly as possible.
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A good place to start learning about Openfire (other than poking around on this website) is the recently released Openfire Administration book. Strictly speaking Spark isn’t essential but you will need to investigate which client or clients you’ll want to support.

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I reviewed this book on my website. It is a good primer for the most baasic setups, but it is outdated version wise and feature wise.


I wrote a general review of it too and while the book doesn’t cover the latest and greatest version of Openfire and all its features it does provide a good overview, especially for someone who is just getting started. In addition, it includes some very helpful non-Openfire specific information on what a company should think about when preparing to roll out any type of instant message solution.