Openfire problem with rocketmail and ymail

Hi all,

Am using xmpp4r with openfire to send IM to Gtalk, Yahoo and MSN.

Where all my settings working fine. And I can send chat message to the following IMS,

when I tried to send chat message to yahoo’s other ids like rocketmail, ymail, it fails.

Where as I can receive the chat message from this ids, but cant send the message.


My xmpp4r JID yahoomail id is:

I’m sending like

c.send(Message::new(“example\”, “Hello, example user!!!”).set_type(:chat))

It result like below:

Hello, example user!!!

where am trying to send the message from to It not delivered the message, and not throwing any error. Can anyone help to figure out the issue.

Where as I can send chat message to,, ids, this issue only for and,

Is there any other configuration needed inorder to support these type of Ids.