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Openfire Proxy Settings

Hey guys, I am quite new to openfire, so I had my first contact with this amazing chat-Server within 4.7. After some researching I am wondering if there is some sort of xmpp proxy setting, where another destination could be set. I found some other (very old) threads within this forum that described some additional settings where one could set an xmpp proxy / external IP (xmpp.proxy.enabled and xmpp.proxy.externalIP). If I set those values I am getting an error that this value is not supported.
Does anyone know if this feature is still inside Openfire and if not, how do I set an destination to a proxy server?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Lucas! The properties that you are referring to relate to file transfer, but not so much to proxying XMPP traffic itself.

In Openfire 4.8, we will be adding trunking/gateway support. Maybe that is more like the functionality that you’re looking for.