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OpenFire Randomly Stopping

Hey all,

I’‘ve been using OpenFire since before it was called WildFire (I can’‘t remember what it was called before that, lol). I really like it, except I’‘ve been having this problem for a loonngg time and I don’'t know where to start for troubleshooting!

The OpenFire server randomly stops. Sometimes it’‘ll run for a day then stop, run for a week, a month, it’‘s totally random. I start OpenFire again, and all is well…until it stops again. Where should I start with troubleshooting this? I’‘m running the latest version of OpenFire, and it’'s been happening with versions before this one.

Let me know if/what information you need (system/software stats, etc.) to help with the troubleshooting. Any and all help will be extremely appreciated!


~ Anthony

This is exactly what happens to me too, running Ubuntu server. Going to try an upgrade to 3.3.1 i guess?!?!

I’'ve made my log files public. If interested, you can check ''em out here:


java.sql.SQLException: Table ‘‘jabber.jivePresence’’ doesn’'t exist

did you create your db manually? external db?


as you have fixed the table does not exist error you may want to empty all log files, including stderr and stdout and write new ones. Otherwise it will be very hard to tell which error you hit now and which were caused by the missing table.